More Information on AgLime

Agricultural limestone is a necessary input to the growing of virtually every crop grown in Georgia. Whether pasture or row crops, a proper ph is imperative for optimum production. Soil test results from the University of Georgia, Waters Ag Laboratories or other providers assist the grower of making prudent fertilization decisions.

In the last 50 years the State of Georgia has used between 500,000 and 1,700,000 tons of limestone per year. Recently, that figure has been a million tons or a little below.

While most of the aglime used in Georgia is dolomitic ( least 6% magnesium), calcitic aglime is also used. There are two instate producers of calcitic aglime. Most dolomitic limestone comes from out of state. Willingham Stone Co. is the ONLY dolomitic aglime producer located in Georgia.

Willingham Stone Co. ships aglime from our sister company, Agg-Tran,LLC in Cartersville to customers throughout the northern half of Georgia and sometimes beyond.