• Our river gravel is available in four sizes.
  • We supply roofers, concrete plants, landscape companies and truckers with river gravel.
  • Our gravel comes from Alabama; mostly by CSX rail.
#2: 1" to 4"
#4: ¾"- 1 ¾"
#57: ¼" - 1"
#7 pea gravel: ¼" - ⅝"
Dolomitic Limestone
Our agricultural limestone is produced in Cartersville. Stockpiles are maintained both outside and inside our storage building. Ours is the only dolomitic aglime produced in Georgia. We supply fertilizer dealers throughout North and Middle Georgia and Northeast Alabama. Our guaranteed analysis is second to none and spreading characteristics are excellent.
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Fertilizer Filler
Production started in 2013 and is very popular among fertilizer blend plants in the Southeast. The particle size, color and cleanliness make a good impression. It is also used as well-point sand.
Dolomitic Limestone
(Minimum Guaranteed Analysis)
Calcium Carbonate Equivalent (Neutralizing Value) 100%
Calcium (Ca) 22%
Magnesium (Mg) 10%
Pass 10 mesh sieve 95%
Pass 50 mesh sieve 50%
Pass 100 mesh sieve 35%
Maximum Moisture 5%